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Elgato Turbo.264 HD – My Thoughts

I recently had the opportunity to try out the Elgato Turbo.264 HD encoder/accelerator. The device does what it claims… it transcodes most any type of video file and produces an H.264 file formatted for your device (iPhone, iPod, AppleTV, BeyondTV, etc.). The processing time is (more or less) equal to the length of the video. […]

Speed Up seems to get slower and slower. Plus it crashes at least once a week. As I started looking around the web to find a solution I ran across this post from Tim Gaden at his blog: He describes this solution: Open Terminal, then run these three commands: ls -lah ~/Library/Mail/Envelope\ Index sqlite3 ~/Library/Mail/Envelope\ […]

Sync iCal with Google Calendar

Products like Spanning Sync allow you to sync your iCal with your Google calendar. Now Google has a new service called “Google Calendar CalDAV” that allows you to do the same thing. Details at: Enable Google Calendar in iCal I tried it and it works very good. Everything sync’d within a couple of minutes (I […]

Use cURL instead of wget on Mac OS X

I use wget all the time on my Linux machines, but was surprised to find it missing on my MacBook Pro. Since Mac OS is based on BSD, it uses cURL instead. Here’s a good way to scrape files from a remote server. curl -O[01-24].mp3 Man page is available at:

iPhone Gripes

After playing with an iPhone for a few weeks, here are a few of my biggest gripes: Shorter battery life than my Blackberry Slower email composition (more steps) No keyboard shortcuts No consolidated Inbox Ergonomics: isn’t as comfortable in my hand No visual indicator for waiting email/voicemail without checking screen No voice dialing No chat