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Pause a Linux Shell Script using Sleep

It’s easy to pause a shell script during execution. Just add:

sleep 10

(where 10 is the number of seconds you want the script to pause.)

Some code for testing would be…

before="$(date +%s)"
echo $before
sleep 3
after="$(date +%s)"
echo $after
elapsed_seconds="$(expr $after - $before)"
echo Elapsed time for code block: $elapsed_seconds

Have other ideas? Please comment.

iPhone Gripes

After playing with an iPhone for a few weeks, here are a few of my biggest gripes:

  • Shorter battery life than my Blackberry
  • Slower email composition (more steps)
  • No keyboard shortcuts
  • No consolidated Inbox
  • Ergonomics: isn’t as comfortable in my hand
  • No visual indicator for waiting email/voicemail without checking screen
  • No voice dialing
  • No chat