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Handbrake batch conversion using CLI shell script

I contributed to a Handbrake forum a while back. Thought you might find it useful too.

This is my evolving script for transcoding DVDs from MacTheRipper.

1) Save the file in a logical place (I keep it in the Movies Folder… same place I rip movies to). It will loop through all titles longer than X.

# usage is ./thisScript.sh minimumDuration SomeDirContainingVIDEO_TS
# duration is set in minutes ("30" equals 30 minutes)
# specify the container directory for the VIDEO_TS directory
# example ./handbrake-longer-than.sh 30 24_SEASON6_D1
#set default path to HandBrakeCLI
if [ "${1}x" = "x" ]; then
echo "Minutes not provided"
if [ "${2}x" = "x" ]; then
echo "VIDEO_TS path not provided"
export time
for i in $(find $2 -type d -name VIDEO_TS) ; do
for title in $($PathToHandBrakeCLI -t 0 -i $i -L 2>&1 | grep "has length" | sed 's/sec//' | sed 's/[()]//g' | awk '$8 > (60 * ENVIRON["time"]) { print $3 "-" $5 } ') ; do
#this names the title for the output file
titlenum=$(echo $title | cut -f 2 -d '-')
# you can change the preset or any other variables here
$PathToHandBrakeCLI -i $i -o ${2}-title${titlenum}-appletv.m4v --preset="AppleTV" -2 -T -P -t ${titlenum}
#output example: 24_SEASON6_D1-title1-appletv.m4v

2) Within the script, set the path to your HandBrakeCLI app on line 9.

3) Don’t forget to run this before trying to execute it:
chmod 777 ./handbrake-longer-than.sh

4) Execute it like this:
./handbrake-longer-than.sh 30 24_SEASON6_D1

Where “30” is the shortest title you want to export and “24_SEASON6_D1” is the name of the folder containing your VIDEO_TS directory.

Use cURL instead of wget on Mac OS X

I use wget all the time on my Linux machines, but was surprised to find it missing on my MacBook Pro. Since Mac OS is based on BSD, it uses cURL instead. Here’s a good way to scrape files from a remote server.

curl -O http://www.gutenberg.org/files/21171/mp3/21171-[01-24].mp3

Man page is available at: http://curl.haxx.se/docs/manpage.html