I recently bought a Kenwood TH-D74 for hiking and APRS use. I had seen anecdotal complaints about the battery life around the web, but had not seen any real world data. So I setup a test and timed the battery performance.

I started with a fully-charged, stock 1800mAh battery.


  • Both bands enabled
  • A Band set to 146.52
  • B Band set to APRS
  • Both Bands on HIGH power (photo was taken later)
  • Beacon set to Auto, every 10 minutes
  • Did not transmit on A (voice) band at all
  • Bluetooth set to OFF
  • Backlight set to OFF. Well, actually MANUAL (was turned on a total of 15 seconds to check battery levels throughout the day)
  • GPS power set to Auto
  • Very few (if any) beacons received
  • Firmware 1.06

In short, nothing major was draining the battery other than the APRS beacon.

Result: 8 hours